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According to J.C. Stinchfield's The History of the Town of Leeds, Androscoggin County, Maine, a Scotch widow, whose name is not mentioned, living in the North of Ireland, traveled to America with her two young sons, James and Thomas, about the year 1725 and settled in or around Bridgewater, Massachusetts where the mother had relatives.

James had no children, so Thomas is the progenitor of this long line of Lindsey's in America.

A descendant in this Lindsay line is a participant in the International Lindsay DNA Project and falls into DNA Group 1. The common ancestor of this group appears to originate in Northern Ireland or Scotland.

The Lindsay genealogy is a continual work in progress. Because of the large number of descendants, there is never a lack of information to pursue.

The information provided here was compiled by Kristi Warab and Helene Brown. We would like to thank Margaret Dannehl, Doris Price, Julie Hendricks, Jane Knowles Lindsey, and Barbara Barooshian, all descendants of Thomas Lindsey of Northern Ireland who have assisted us in our research over the years.